Tastings & Events

Tastings & events are regularly run by Red Bridge. AJ often travels around the country visiting clients and customers, a big part of which is  holding Tastings &  Events which incorporate Wine Tasting, European Wine education, virtual experiences of the people, geography, history and culture, a few stories and a bit of fun….

In August 2021 AJ launched, after several years of planning, his online tasting experiences. Those of you who are lucky enough to have been able to attend one of AJ’s tasting experiences in person over the years will know how entertaining and informative they are…and you will also know that almost all of the time its NOT about the wine! Featuring all AJ’s own visual material, this online version is about as close as you can get to having AJ in your living room with you ! We provide you with the wines and all the background, history, education and entertainment to help bring them to life.

The concept itself is pretty simple – buy the selected box of 6 Wines from Red Bridge Online and get the whole tasting experience FREE.
When we receive your purchase we email you a link and a password and the rest is up to you – all you have to do is access the tasting, decide how many wines to open and away you go..

Here’s the trailer to the first event – AJ’s Winter red trip to Europe:

..and here is one of the segments from the tasting…