Enate Wines of Somontano

Enate Wines of Somontano wine region in Spain are one of the largest producers in this presently  lesser known wine growing area, but this in no way diminishes its ability to produce outstanding wine….

Nestled in the foothills of the Pyrenees several hours northwest of Barcelona, this small area is well known for the quality of its wines which are heavily influenced by its warm days and colder nights.

Enate, who are the premium producer from the region, built one of the first architecturally inspired, vertically integrated wineries in Spain and retain a connection with Spanish art through the range of wine labels that are produced. All labels feature an original work of art created by one of Spain’s top artists, and their wine is equally as original and distinctive. The whites are well balanced, broad, elegant, unlike any other in Spain and built to improve with age, and are crowned by the fantastic, multi-award winning, Barrel fermented Chardonnay.

The range of reds are single varietals made with small and careful selection of only the best grapes in the best years…