Monte Faustino Valpolicella Wines

Monte Faustino Valpolicella wines are made by Paolo Fornaser – who is already ‘a little bit famous’ , and who is the third generation of the family Fornaser who have produced wine in the San Pietro in Cariano sub-region of Valpolicella. Wines come from three small but very different vineyards a few miles apart, and the entire range is exceptional.

Paolo is one of the very few still to use the traditional wooden racks for the drying of the grapes for Amarone. This is done in the attic of the fully restored, original, three level family dwelling which was built this way so as to be able to utilise the basement for the cellar, mid level for living in and the attic for the drying of grapes.

From his grandfather who planted the original vineyard, to his father who was the teacher (El Maestro) in the village but who had a passion for wine, to Paolo the new master of Cantina Fornaser, the heritage of this family and the wine they produce is a truly special part of the region that is Valpolicella.